All Three Dark Souls Soundtracks Have Now Been Added to Spotify

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There are a lot of things to love about the Dark Souls games. The combat, the eerie worlds, the immaculate enemy design — the list goes on and on. Perhaps one of the most phenomenal and understated aspects of each Dark Souls game though is that of the soundtrack that each title boasts. As of today, each of those albums have now been made a bit easier to revisit, too.

Over on Spotify, the original soundtracks for every Dark Souls entry have now been added to the streaming service. From the somber piano seen in Dark Souls 1’s Gwyn, Lord of Cinder track all the way until Dark Souls 3’s epic Nameless King music, you can now revisit essentially the entire catalog of songs from the franchise’s history.

As some have been quick to point out though, the only potential downside of these uploads comes with Dark Souls III, which has had its abridged version of the soundtrack hit Spotify. While all the songs from the game are still present, some of them have been shortened in the upload seen on Spotify.

If you’ve never played the Dark Souls games for one reason or another, I’d still encourage you to check out each game’s soundtrack as they’re each quite good. If you enjoy video game music or just fantastic compositions, I think there’s a lot to glean from each soundtrack. You can find Dark Souls 1’s soundtrack hereDark Souls II by clicking here, and Dark Souls III right here.

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