Youtubers Life OMG Edition Coming to Consoles Next Month to Celebrate One Million Copies Sold

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YouTubers Life is a simulation title by U-Play Online that has been available on PC as well as three separate apps for Android and iOS. It has been announced that Raiser Games will be publishing a console version of the title called YouTubers Life OMG Edition and it’ll be arriving next month.

To celebrate one million copies of the original title being sold, YouTubers Life OMG Edition will find players rising to fame starting from their parent’s house. As they grow more popular they’ll attend parties, deal with haters, and kit out their rooms. Players are able to grow by focusing on one type of channel but are able to utilize the other ones available.

The types of channels can range from a gaming channel, allowing streaming, speed-runs, even game development. Maybe you’ll be able to collab with other YouTubers and wreck havoc in a popular video game or maybe reflect on retro classics and develop a gameMusic channels allow thirty instruments to be played, with more than ten genres to master. I certainly hope you can pull a Reagan Burke and perform music using console sounds. Cooking channels will let you make cooking tutorial videos, work with other chefs, and eventually own a restaurant.

YouTubers Life OMG Edition will come with an interface designed for consoles. There are social interactions with NPC’s offering quests and possible relationships, and viewers who are affected by lack of interaction. Collaborations and networks can help improve your productivity or cause more stress than needed, but there’s an integrated task system to help keep things organized.

YouTubers Life OMG Edition will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on the 14th November. Those who currently own the PC or mobile versions of the game will receive a free update that will upgrade the title to the new edition. More details on the title are expected in the near future.


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