Why Adol From Ys Must Be The New Smash Bros. Ultimate Character

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There’s only a few minutes left until the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, where we will get “announcements” regarding Super Smash Bros Ultimate and possibly a new DLC character, this is the last time to place your bets and share your predictions, so let me tell why I believe Adol Christin from Nihon Falcom‘s Ys series is the chosen one.

First off, It’s Important To Note Nintendo Picked The DLC Characters, Not Masahiro Sakurai.

Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has a biweekly column in Famitsu magazine. In it, he regularly explained how it’s not him but Nintendo picking the characters for Fighters Pass Vol. 2. He also mentioned all six characters were already decided. That was in February 2020, one year ago.

In other words, this means the characters were picked through marketing maneuvers, set in stone and scheduled for months. Just like how it’s very likely Sephiroth was picked over any other Final Fantasy or Square Enix character because of the recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Nihon Falcom Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary In 2021

Nihon Falcom will celebrate its 40th anniversary on March 8, 2021. this is a big milestone, and the company already shared its plans to release multiple games this year. Including The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki. At this point, Falcom is one of the sole historic Japanese game companies that still exists now, and still has no representative in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That’s a huge flag in itself.

I mean, if history is important, AliceSoft counts as well, but I don’t think Nintendo would like to include a character from a company that mainly develops Eroge. Seeing even Shiranui Mai didn’t make the cut. Then again, Nintendo has long departed from its “family friendly only” image. From back when Resident Evil 4 was a Gamecube exclusive, to now and the various strip mahjong games you can buy on the Switch Japanese Eshop.

Adol Christin Is One Of The Most Iconic Game Characters And The Most Iconic Falcom Character

Falcom is currently known worldwide for two flagship series. We have the action RPG series Ys and its protagonist Adol Christin, and the JRPG series Kiseki / Trails, with various protagonists. While I’d definitely love to see Estelle, Lloyd or Rean join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Adol is the most logical choice and the most representative Falcom character.

This would be similar to how Terry Bogard was picked for SNK. Even though SNK games, from Twinkle Star Sprites to KOF, are definitely not lacking in terms of charismatic, beloved, and iconic characters. In France, all of Europe, South America, Asia, and beyond, everyone loves SNK characters, but everyone also loves Terry in particular. The same can be said from Adol, who is familiar to players of all generations, from PC-88 and Sega Master System to PS5 and Steam.

Ys Series Music And Pretty Much All Of Falcom’ OST Are Absolute Bangers

Masahiro Sakurai explained during the Sephiroth stream that his team struggled to include more Final Fantasy music. Because they had to deal with copyrights agreements. Sakurai stressed out it’s not like Square Enix was stingy with its music, but simply that it was all they could do.

Nihon Falcom has a policy in place which says that long story short, anyone is free to use its music as long as Falcom is credited. However, this doesn’t include games, and Nintendo would still need to go through the regular copyright steps. With that said, seeing Falcom’s magnanimous nature with the whole music copyrights thing, it’s possible it will be much easier to deal with.

And if Adol becomes a Smash Bros character, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could get even closer to acquiring the greatest game OST of all time. Hundreds of Ys series tracks could be added. Alongside music from Trails, Gurumin, Zwei, Xanadu, Brandish, and many other iconic Falcom games. Legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro most notably worked on Ys I & II, and some of his tracks like To Make The End Of Battle would definitely be added. Both the old and the current Falcom Sound Team JDK are forces to be reckoned with.

Yes, Adol Uses A Sword, But Has An Unique And Constantly Evolving Fighting Style

Many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are tired of sword using characters. Nintendo itself already referenced as much when Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses was revealed. Masahiro Sakurai also admitted there are too many Fire Emblem and sword characters in the roster.

However, Adol is not any sword user. Adol can also use magic, alchemy, and many different skills and techniques from the various Ys games he appeared in. He would be much more versatile than just another sword character. Adol in the latest Ys game, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, can teleport, wall run, and pretty much looks straight outta the Belmont family. Adol is ever changing, and would be a great addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

There you have it, this is why Adol should be the next Smash Bros DLC character. Be sure to check our other predictions and be sure to share yours in the comments too.

The Nintendo Direct February 2021 will be the first Nintendo Direct since September 2019. Multiple announcements regarding games releasing in the first half of 2021 will be shared. Masahiro Sakurai also predicted that many games could be announced.

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