Untitled Goose Game Revealed in the Best Trailer of 2017 So Far

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Push Me Pull You developer, House House, has revealed its new game. And it’s one of the best things I’ve seen this year.

Called Untiled Goose Game (which is likely a mere placement name, but one that I hope sticks), you play as a goose. More specifically, what appears to be an emden goose. And like every goose in existence, you’re a horrible, horrible goose, looking to create pure chaos on a lovely weekday morning in the village.

Further details on the goose terrorizing game has not been revealed. However, its announcement trailer showcases a game that looks like Metal Gear Solid, but the goose version. Aka the best version of Metal Gear Solid.

More specifically, it shows off a waddling goose making its way from a nearby lake to ruin an old groundskeeper’s day, by completing a series of tasks that include soaking him with a hose, stealing his produce, and hiding his favorite working hat. In the process of doing this, the trailer depicts gameplay that looks equal parts a stealth game and puzzle game. The puzzle part being figuring out to complete each task (you’re only a goose after all), while the stealth part comes in while executing your devious plan.

There’s honking, hiding in bushes, and aggressive goose behavior. What more could you want?

Untiled Goose Game is poised to release sometime next year. Platforms have currently not been disclosed.

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