Undertale’s Toby Fox Gives An Update on the Next Chapter of Deltarune

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Coming off the success of Undertale, fans of the cult-hit RPG have been eager to hear more on the next project from developer Toby Fox, Deltarune. The pseudo-follow up to Undertale saw its first chapter release back in late 2018, and since then Fox has been working on the anticipated RPG’s second chapter. While there isn’t a concrete date yet for Chapter 2, Fox did give a small update on how development is progressing so far.

Over on Twitter, Toby Fox shared a brief update on Deltarune: Chapter 2 and mentioned that development is “going well,” and that “I feel positive about it.” Obviously this isn’t a ton to go off of, but Fox at least is affirming that so far things to be going smoothly for the development of Chapter 2. Before that, Fox shared a screenshot from the game’s development back in November that showed the game’s protagonist in front of a giant toilet.

Since the release of the first chapter, updates on Deltarune have been relatively quiet, though Toby Fox provided an extensive update of where the game currently is at last fall for the fifth anniversary of Undertale. Unlike the previous title, Fox is aiming to release Deltarune in an episodic structure and then (eventually) compile the game into one release. However, it remains to be seen at the length of time it will take for the final game to be feature complete, with Fox noting that there is still a large amount of work left to finish for the second chapter.

Deltarune: Chapter 1 is available to play for free on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.

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