Transparent Goalposts Coming to Rocket League

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Yesterday, developer Psyonix announced that in Rocket League’s next update this fall one of the most hotly requested community features ever will be added: transparent goalposts.

According to Psyonix, transparent goalposts will drastically change how you see the ball in certain positions on the pitch. How? Well, because the update will add transparency to the goals, goalposts, and specific pieces of the Arena wall.

More specifically, the Arena will have transparent parts in the place of certain solid structures now. For example, when playing your heart out as a goalie within the goal, the posts and walls around you will become transparent, allowing for better vision of the ball no matter where it is.

Meanwhile, players who are wall huggers will be happy to know that whether on offense of defense, the quarterpipe will now be see-through as well.

Apparently, whether the walls and posts are transparent or opaque depends entirely on your position. For example, while you’re in-goal defending things will turn transparent, but if you are out in the field the post will look just like it does now — a solid object trying to steal as many goals from you as possible.

While the team at Psyonix is passionate about the change, it understands some players will not be. And that’s why the new transparency options are just that…options. You can toggle them off or on as frequently as your little heart desires.

When the update hits this fall, the transparency option will be available on every arena. Further, as a compliment to the new feature, Psyonix has said it will be doing another performance pass in those same Arenas so it can make the most of your new-found visual freedom.

Rocket League — which surpassed 34 million players as of August 2nd is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, it is scheduled to hit the Nintendo Switch sometime this holiday.

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