Titanfall 2 Tricks and Treats Update Announced; Adds New Weapon Skins, Bug Fixes, and More

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Like every year, it seems that just about every game is jumping on the Halloween craze. Today, developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts revealed a brand new update for their first-person shooter Titanfall 2. 

First and foremost, players will be able to unlock three new Halloween-themed skins for the Spitfire, R-201, and Car. In addition to that, new Elite variants of the Sidewinder, Mastiff, and L-Star will also be available to be earned. If that wasn’t enough, each of the new skins and variants will come with a couple bonuses. Using them will grant you with a 10% increased chance per owned Elite weapon variant to earn a double XP token and one extra merit at the end of every match.

New modes will also be added to the game with the Trick and Treats updatehowever, the specifics of these modes has yet to be revealed. Changes will also be made to the Mozambique and Wingman Elite pistols, as well as the Attrition, Frontier Defense, and Reaper game modes.

Respawn Entertainment says that the Trick and Treats update should go live on Friday, October 27, 2017.

Titanfall 2 was originally released on October 28, 2017, meaning the update will be released one day before it’s one year anniversary. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

You can check out a couple of screenshots of the aforementioned skins and variants below.

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