THQ Nordic Had a Staggering 77 Game Projects in Development Last Fiscal Quarter

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Over the past year, Swedish publisher THQ Nordic has been on an acquisition frenzy when it comes to both studios and IPs. From big publishers like Deep Silver to notable developers like Coffee Stain and Warhorse Studios, THQ Nordic has certainly been beefing up its workforce. When it comes to IP, the Swedish publisher has acquired the likes of Alone in the Dark, TimeSplitters, Carmeggedon, and more, which will obviously help them create games people desire.

If neither of those truly displayed what THQ Nordic has in the works to you, their latest financial report confirmed that it had a staggering 77 “game projects” in development during the fourth fiscal quarter alone. Only 11 of those games were released during that fiscal quarter; meanwhile, 25 new projects were started by THQ Nordic in the past couple of months alone.

Looking more broadly, 29 of the 77 mentioned projects “had been announced,” so those likely consist of games like BioMutant, Scarf, and Desperados 3. That leaves 12 unannounced projects that we haven’t even heard about but have been in development for more than a few months. If you are a fan of THQ Nordic or one of the numerous IP or studios it owns, it seems like you’ll have something to look forward to in the foreseeable future.

When it comes to the developers working on these projects, THQ Nordic has a small army, though it’s still probably dwarfed by massive publishers like Activision, Ubisoft, and EA. 613 people within THQ Nordic are currently working on games while another 871 externally are manning other projects, bringing the total to 1,484. These large developer numbers do help cement the fact that THQ Nordic is clearly an up-and-coming European publisher that gamers should keep an eye on. They definitely seem to be bringing some glory back to the THQ name.

Of course, as these new games being worked on as you read this are announced, you can be sure that DualShockers will let you know about them. THQ Nordic’s most recent notable release was Darksiders 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Those interested in that game can check out our review or pick it up on Amazon. 

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