The Stone of Madness Brings Real-Time Tactics to Next-Gen

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The Stone of Madness from developer Teku Studios and publisher Merge Games is taking its brand of “hardcore real-time tactics” to next-gen consoles. Alongside a Nintendo Switch and PC release, the game is set to launch next spring for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game sees you play as five inmates imprisoned in a Spanish monastery. To escape, you’ll need to face your fears, carefully plan your route, and stay away from the madness. Give the debut trailer a watch below.

The Stone of Madness is, at its core, a stealth-based tactics game. You take on the five inmates as they try to escape their prison. Each of them comes with their own set of skills, along with various phobias. As you explore the monastery, you’ll have to manage their sanity. If you don’t, expect new hindrances as the characters are hit with negative effects.

On top of the madness system, players will have several different escape plans to try. These flesh out the background of the monastery and give some replayability. The game is also semi-procedural. This means the monastery’s layout, as well as things like item location, can change from session to session.

The cherry on top is the beautiful artwork. The team is heavily inspired by Franciso De Goya and the whole game looks like a gorgeous, 18th-century painting. It really does make it stand out from the crowd. Especially as a next-gen game. Those often try to pump out as many pixels as possible. Stone of Madness is squarely focused on something completely different.

The Stone of Madness is set to launch in spring 2021. The game will come to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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