The Darkside Detective: Season 2 Reaches Goal on Kickstarter and Works Towards Stretch Goals

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Spooky Doorway, the team behind the charming point and click adventure The Darkside Detective, has announced that the game’s second season has been successfully funded via a month-long Kickstarter campaign.

Originally announced back in August, the goal of the campaign was to raise enough to fund a follow-up to the game’s award winning first season which saw Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley fumble their way through a number of hilarious paranormal cases parodying everything from Twin Peaks to Stephen King’s IT. The second season will see the pair continue their spooky endeavours as their work in the Darkside department of the police force takes them to creepy carnivals, haunted castles, and even wrestling rings as they attempt to solve six new cases.

Now that the initial Kickstarter goal has been met, Spooky Doorway has presented the target for its stretch goal which can be backed before the campaign finishes later this week. If requirements are met, a seventh case will be added called The Darkside Anthology. This will focus on a number of the familiar characters that live throughout the game’s Twin Lakes area including the the Bloodwolves, Raxa, and ghostly duo Ghouley and McScream.

The Multi-award winning The Darkside Detective was released last year and is available now on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

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