Switch Exclusive Super Mario Odyssey Gets New Trailer: Features, Photo Mode, Minigames and More

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Today the Japanese arm of Nintendo released an extensive trailer of its upcoming blockbuster Super Mario Odyssey.

The trailer is an overview of pretty much all the major features of the game, showing the game’s worlds, the capture feature that lets Mario control enemies and objects via his new caps and the hunt for the power moons.

We also get to see the Crazy Cap Shop, that lets us purchase new accessories for Mario and the Snapshot Mode, which is basically a full-fledged photo mode within the game. It can take picture in both portrait and landscape format, and it comes with different filters.

The trailer then showcases various minigames with online leaderboards, co-op multiplayer, and the assist mode for those who want an easier time with the game.

You can check out the video below, and if you want to see even more, you can also watch some recent gameplay, a batch of screenshots and the upcoming Switch bundle, more gameplay, and one further clip.

Of course, you should also read our hands-on preview.

Super Mario Odyssey will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch in October 2017.

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