Super Robot Wars 30 Anniversary Stream Time, How to Watch, Teaser Comments From Producer Terada

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This July 11, Bandai Namco will hold the Super Robot Taisen 30th anniversary event – Super Robot Taisen Hagane no Chou Kansha sai 2021 – which will reveal a release date and the first full-length trailer for Super Robot Wars 30 (PS4, Switch, PC via Steam).

Bandai Namco first announced Super Robot Wars 30 on the Japanese Nintendo Direct E3 2021, held on June 15. It was obvious since 2019 for any fan of the franchise that Bandai Namco would release a game for the anniversary. SRW 30 was also teased by producer Takanobu Terada on the March 5, 2021 stream. The anniversary event will reveal the full series list for the game, which for now includes:

  • Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V
  • Mazinger Z: Infinity
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • The King of Braves Gaogaigar Final
  • Shin Getter Change! The Last Day Of The World
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection

The Great Jahy will Not Be Defeated! Trailer

The Great Jahy will Not Be Defeated! Trailer

Super Robot Wars 30th anniversary event – How to watch, schedule

The event is happening on July 11 at 7 AM EST. Click here for a table with other time zones, and here’s a countdown.

The event is also divided into two parts. The first part will be 3h30m long, then we’ll get a 30m break, and the second part will last for 1h40m.

First part schedule

  • Looking back at the Super Robot Taisen series with guests
  • Super Robot Wars 30 segment
  • Super Robot Taisen DD segment
  • Live concert

Second part schedule

  • Special talk show with guests, toys and goods segment

You’ll be able to watch the SRW 30th anniversary stream on Niconico and YouTube.

Super Robot Wars 30th anniversary event – Artists and seiyuu announced as guests

  • Ichiro Mizuki
  • JAM Project (Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endo, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, Yoshiki Fukuyama)
  • Ryōtarō Okiayu
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama
  • Tomokazu Sugita
  • Mai Aizawa
  • Kenji Akabane
  • Yohei Azagami (SRW DD protagonist Dido)
  • Yuki Nagaku (Meg in SRW DD)

The stream will be MC’ed by the usual comedy duo, Gattsuki Taika. It’ll also feature:

  • Super Robot Wars series producer Takanobu Terada
  • SRW 30 producer Shouhei Mogami (was the producer of SRW T)
  • SRW DD producer Hiroaki Oochi (ex-producer of SRW X-Ω/Cross Omega. Took over from producer Red/Akai after Cross Omega closed)

Other unannounced guests will also appear.

SRW 30 – Teasers and comments from Takanobu Terada on Umasugi Wave 753

Producer Terada shared some hints on Super Robot Wars 30 on Super Robot Taisen OG Radio Umasugi Wave episode 753. The episode was published on June 22. It was the first episode after SRW 30 got announced at the E3 Nintendo Direct.

  • Producer Terada was finishing up the trailer that will be revealed at the anniversary event
  • Combattler V hasn’t been in a console game in a while so he’s happy they could include it again. Though it does appear in DD
  • Code Geass was in SRW X, and SRW DD is currently doing story parts happening between S1 and S2. so he’s happy to include Resurrection in 30.
  • Resurrection already appeared in Cross Omega so he’s happy they can give it a console debut too now
  • There’s no special meaning behind the title SRW 30 besides that it’s the 30th anniversary
  • It doesn’t mean the game’s cast has 30 series, it’s less than that
  • Bamco asked Go Nagai to do the logo as mecha wouldn’t exist if not for him. They didn’t give hm any pointers. They were surprised themselves when they saw his face on it.
  • SRW 30 is not a Go Nagai game, don’t expect tons of his series in it
  • They only revealed part of the series on the Nintendo Direct so they still have new things to show at the anniversary event. Implying there is no surprise game announcement in store. (I’m still hoping for a new OG game or anime)
  • Producer Terada didn’t know what other games would be announced on the ND. (Besides their own games, developers never know an ND’s contents in advance. Masahiro Sakurai also already said the same thing)
  • Terada is really hyped for the Project Zero Maiden of Black Water Switch remaster. He loves the series but finds it so scary there’s an entry he actually couldn’t finish.
  • He also really liked the Famicom Detective Club switch remakes, and found the Girl Who Stands Behind story pretty scary
  • Terada doesn’t have a Twitter account but he does check Twitter. We’re in a peculiar situation where a SRW game was announced with only part of its series list. He’s happy fans are having fun making predictions.

Super Robot Wars 30 – Rough development schedule

Producer Terada didn’t give out a specific date, but he hinted that development for Super Robot Wars 30 development began at the earliest in 2019. And how the mecha anime airing now weren’t even officially announced yet when they started working on the game. So you shouldn’t expect any super recent series.

Terada also explained the game had a different name at first. It wasn’t a letter because they’re running out of these, but a word, like “Compact/Impact”. However, another game with the exact same word in its title was in development, so they changed it to SRW 30. My personal guess is that the anniversary game was originally called SRW Nexus, and they changed it because of Scarlet Nexus.

Takanobu Terada on Umasugi Wave 755

Episode 755, published on July 6, also had some more teasers from Terada. He mentioned it was pretty difficult finishing the trailer but he’s done with it now. He also said that the series that were already revealed will be shown first and in the same order as the Nintendo Direct trailer. The new series will be shown after the Lancelot, so look forward to it.

Lastly, Takanobu Terada said there are several unnanouced guests who will show up at the event, and it’s a miracle how all their schedules could line up for this day. They purposfully did not reveal the full list of guests to avoid spoiling some of the series in SRW 30.

In related news, recently, Umasugi Wave started a new segment where Terada shares some specific development stories on older SRW games. I’m always behind on the show myself because of a huge lack of time, but you should definitely check it out if you can.

If nothing goes wrong, note that I’ll be restreaming the SRW anniversary event while live translating the important details. I’ll be sharing the stream’s link on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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