Suda 51: New No More Heroes Will “Maybe” Stay Switch Exclusive; it’s the “Most Punk” Nintendo Console

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No More Heroes Director Goichi Suda A.K.A. “Suda 51” recently headlined Nintendo’s “Nindies” showcase with the reveal of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch.

During a chat at PAX West in Seattle, DualShockers asked Suda-san how he feels about working on Nintendo’s console.

He explained that he has always loved to develop games for Nintendo consoles. Every time they release new hardware, it always comes with all kinds of new features that other consoles have never done before. For instance, when the Wii came out, it had a really interesting controller that inspired the beam katana of No More Heroes. It had all sorts of things that you could do, that weren’t possible with other controllers. Even with the Game Cube, the controller was really different, with buttons in different position.

Now with the Switch, you can play it on a TV or in handheld mode, you can attach and detach the Joy-Cons, and Suda-san feels that Nintendo is “by far the most punk” hardware manufacturer. They’re always trying new things that other manufacturers haven’t tried, or haven’t even thought of trying. Each time they releases a new piece of hardware, he feels that as a creator they’re challenging him to find out what he can do with those features.

While he thinks that the Wii, the Gamecube and other Nintendo consoles were “punk,” Suda-san feels that the Switch is the “most punk” console they have ever made. So far he had a great time developing for it, as the new features Nintendo consoles offer helps him think of new things as well. Since they always create something revolutionary, he feels compelled to to develop something revolutionary as well, and they complement each other.

Asked whether Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will remain a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Suda-san immediately responded “Yes,” but then he added “Maybe,” in English bypassing the interpreter.

For now, it’ll certainly be good to play a new adventure for Travis Touchdown on Nintendo Switch, and then we’ll see. The original No More Heroes was initially a Wii exclusive, and then it was remade as No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise for PS3 and Xbox 360 three years later. On the other hand, sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle remained a Wii exclusive.

If you want to see more about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, you can check out the original trailer, and a gallery of artwork.

[Original interview: Jordan Loeffler]

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