Strickly Limited Games Details Upcoming Line-up of Physical Media and Unannounced Title

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The limited physical run bug seems to have become a worldwide obsession as German publisher Strickly Limited Games has made their way onto the market with a handful of titles in the works.

Currently, the publisher is selling through Mode 7’s Tokyo 42, which is an isometric game set in the future and is inspired by games like GTA and Syndicate. However, this publisher has more titles up their sleeve as they recently revealed that they will be publishing Sayonara UmiharaKawase ++ physically and digitally for PlayStation Vita in 2018.

Additionally, Strickly Limited Games revealed that they will be working with Wonder Boy creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa, on an unannounced game. Evidently, it’s one that has been “classified by video game enthusiasts as lost forever after its release was cancelled”. More details about the release will come in the next few weeks, but it seems like Strickly Limited Games has found its niche in the limited physical media space.

With more of these publishers working with indie and Japanese developers to give games a proper physical release there is sure to be up some worries from gamers and fans. Although competition in this space is good it’s good to remember that every game that gets a physical release that would otherwise be a digital only title is a win for all gamers. Preserving this media is important.

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