STRAFE Millennium Edition Adds New Game Modes, Mutators, and More

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Today, indie developer Pixel Titans and publisher Devolver Digital released STRAFE Millennium Edition on PC, which brings new modes, mutators, and gameplay tweaks to the fast-paced FPS. The update, which was based off of community feedback, is free for those who already own the game, and the title is currently discounted by 50% on Steam to encourage new players to pick it up.

The two new big modes in Millennium Edition are StrafeZone and SpeedZone. StrafeZone is a daily challenge mode where players can test their skills, which SpeedZone gives players a week to complete and intense speedrunning challenge. In addition, twenty brand new game mutators were added to STRAFE; these include Big Head Mode, Rocket Arena, Traditional Mode, and Game of Guns.

The core gameplay loop has also been modified in STRAFE Millennium Edition, as the game now allows players to save runs, and new ICARUS rooms, enemies, and a traveling merchant have been added. Of course, this update also comes with the standard long list of balance and bug fixes, which you can out in the game’s Steam Community. 

You can check out a new trailer for STRAFE Millennium Edition below. STRAFE is currently available on PC and PS4. The update will arrive on PS4 and a later, undisclosed date.

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