Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch Gets Certification Approval; Publisher Finalizing a Release Date

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As one of the breakout hits of last year, the indie farming sim Stardew Valley has captivated console and PC players with its colorful visuals and addicting gameplay, with the title soon to be on the horizon for Nintendo Switch, according to the game’s publisher.

Chucklefish Games CEO and Designer Finn Brice confirmed via Twitter that Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch has passed certification/testing for release on the system, and explained that that publisher is “working on finalising [sic] a release date with all parties involved,” and that the team will “continue to inform” at the game (presumably) gets closer to release.

Stardew Valley was confirmed for the Nintendo Switch earlier this year in a Nintendo Direct highlighting indie games on the console/handheld system and was originally targeting a release this summer, but seems instead like it will arrive sometime this fall for the system. Given the praise that the game originally drew when it first released, the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch seems perfect for bringing its idyllic farming gameplay on-the-go.

Stardew Valley is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, and will arrive for the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

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