Star Citizen Reveals New Anvil Hawk Ship; Video Talks Bounty Hunting and More as 3.0 Draws Nearer

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Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new extensive video dedicated to a brand new ship, the Anvil Aerospace Hawk.

The Hawk is the perfect ship for bounty hunters, so the video also gives some attention to that activity that will be implemented among players in game, with mechanics like taking criminals alive and bringing them in to be imprisoned, alongside the ability for the criminals themselves to serve their time in some way, or to attempt a jailbreak.

On top of the hawk, we get updates on more Anvil ships, including the Terrapin, the Carrack, and the Hurricane.

As usual for new ships, the Anvil Hawk is currently on sale, starting at $80. As usual, you should keep in mind that ship purchases are simply for the purpose of supporting development, and are completely optional. All ships will be available for in-game credits once the game launches.

On top of this, the release to all backers of alpha 3.0 is now one step closer, with multiple waves of users having been invited to test it on the public testing universe.

You can check out the video below, alongside artwork and the Hawk’s brochure. If you want to see more, you can enjoy an interesting video of the procedural cities tech, a few more videos highlighting the game’s visuals, and another recent one focusing on the changes made to quantum travel for the upcoming alpha 3.0.

Star Citizen‘s crowdfunding has now reached $164,925,558, with 1,917,945 registered users.

Before you watch the video and images, you should keep in mind for the sake of full disclosure that the author of this article is also one of the backers of the game.

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