Star Citizen Gets New Video on the Origin 600i and 890 Jump; Makes Another Half a Million in a Day

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Today Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen.

This time around, the focus of the video is on two upcoming ships by Origin, the luxurious 600i an 890 Jump, for those who like spacefaring with your galactic equivalent of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini (or maybe a luxury yacht).

On top of the video, that you can enjoy at the bottom of the post, the ongoing anniversary sale is really propelling those crowdfunding numbers upwards. The game is currently sitting on $167,747,118, provided by 1,921,715 registered users. This means that backers dropped another half a million dollars on the game in the past twenty-four hours after the full million earned across Saturday evening and Sunday.

If you want to see more, you can check out more videos on the Banu Merchantman and Tumbril Cycloneon the Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead, one on the Aegis Hawk, another showing the definitely impressive procedural cities technology, one on the latest updates made to quantum travel, one on improvements that are being made on the game’s already charming visuals.

For the sake of full disclosure, that the author of this article backed Star Citizen back when it hit Kickstarter a few years ago. Now that we have bowed to our full disclosure duties, you can enjoy the video below.

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