Star Citizen Could Get Another Carrier; Shoots Through 171 Million Dollars in Funding

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Few starships are more fascinating than space carriers. Since the time of the TCS Tiger’s Claw in Wing Commander. A giant Bengal-class carrier bristling with weapons and delivering powerful Hornet fighters was also the very first image we saw of Star Citizen as it first was revealed.

Well, looks like we might get another one, this time around from roguish manufacturer Drake. That’s why it’s gonna be quite a lot different than the Bengal. Voted by users during the livestream embedded at the bottom of the post, the “Kraken” left behind two considerably less cool option, a Starlifter and a super-fast Storage runner.

That being said, while the starlifter option was ultimately discarded, it did cause the developers to drop a hint, mentioning that it could transport multiple land vehicles as big as an Ursa Rover or a Tumbril Cyclone, or one bigger vehicle, teasing the possibility that larger land vehicles could indeed come in the future.

The new scout carrier won’t be a military capital ship. The UEE would simply never accept Drake as a manufacturer for its fleet. Developers compared it to Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and I mean the Eravana on which he first meets Rey, not the Millenium Falcon), or the truck stop from Spaceballs. Basically it’s going to be as big as an Idris or Javelin, but trading off armament for the ability to carry more small or medium-sized fighters and ships.

Yet, the carrier isn’t the only option. Players are actually required to vote for what they want from Drake. The other options are an entry-level salvage ship called “Vulture” and a Constellation competitor (basically a multi-crew exploration ship) named “Corsair.” Voting will be open until December 11th.

In other Star Citizen news, remember how yesterday we reported that the game passed 170 million dollars in funding? Well, scratch that. It’s already over 171 million. To be more specific, it’s sitting on $171,581,733 and 1,929,534 registered user.

This skyrocketing of the crowdfunding total is due to the Anniversary sale, which is offering many ships at a discounted rate. That being said, all the ships will be available for purchase with in-game credits and no need for real money.

Before you check out the video below, keep in mind for the sake of full disclosure that the author of this article backed the game, a long time ago.

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