Star Citizen Breaks Through 170 Million Dollars in Funding as New Video Shows the Cutlass Black

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Star Citizen‘s Drake Interplanetary is an interesting ship manufacturer. They often say that their Cutlass is not designed as a pirate ship, and point out its variants created for search and rescue. Yet, when you call a ship a “Cutlass” what do you expect?

Today we get a new video showing the rework done to the Cutlass Black, which is basically the perfect choice if you want to be a space cutthroat or smuggler. The ship will be flyable in the upcoming alpha 3.0, and it looks really aggressive. I was about to say “sweet,” but then I actually connected my brain to my fingers.

In other Star Citizen news, the game has just passed another major milestone in crowdfunding. It’s now over 170 million dollars. No. I’m not joking. To be more precise, the total bounty is at $170,266,901, with 1,926,355 registered users.

This is mostly thanks to the ongoing anniversary sale, which brought in over five million dollars in a week. As usual, this kind of sale is intended to support development, and the game’s supporters surely appear to be eager to provide it. All ships will be available for purchase in-game with credits that can be acquired by playing.

You can check out the video below. If you want to see more, you can check out more videos on the MISC Prospector and  Hull C, on the RSI Constellation Phoenix and Orion, on land claims and the Consolidated Outland Pioneer and Mustangon the Origin 600i and 890 Jumpon the Banu Merchantman and Tumbril Cycloneon the Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead,  on the Aegis Hawk, on the impressive procedural cities technologyon the latest updates made to quantum travel, and on improvements that are being made to the game’s visuals.

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