Splatoon 2’s Next Free Weapon DLC Update Will Drop Later Today

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Nintendo has announced new information on Splatoon 2. The next DLC update will introduce a new map and weapon to the game.

Starting tonight, American Splatoon 2 players will be able to clean up the battlefield with the Sloshing Machine; a home appliance-inspired item that was introduced in the first Splatoon title and will be available for purchase at the weapon shop, Ammo Knights at 7 pm PST/10 pm EST. Japanese players will have access starting tomorrow at 11 am.

Although the attack rate is rather slow, the Sloshing Machine makes up for it with power and is a reliable tool for those looking to cover as much space on the map as possible.

On top of that, a new map will also be included tomorrow, the Manta Mara. This map is a large sailboat located on a harbor at an undisclosed location. The crown of the stage is the three masts that surround the ship’s netting.

Earlier this week, a new stage titled Lost Outpost was added to Salmon Run mode, which features a noticeable red-tint in an almost apocalyptic atmosphere to the otherwise vibrant and colorful shooter. Additionally, the map includes numerous walls that players can use to hide from Salmonids.

If you want to read more on the game, you can check out details on the next Splatfest event, which will run from September 1st until September 2nd.

Splatoon 2 is currently available, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. DualShockers’ Ryan Meitzler reviewed the title when it released, awarding the game a 7.5 out of 10 and noting:

It’s easy to see why Splatoon made such a splash on the Wii U two years ago, and how Splatoon 2 might make a kid (or a squid) out of all of us on the Switch.

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