Splatoon 2’s Latest Splatfest Event Comes to a Close; the Results Are In

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The results for Splatoon 2‘s fourth North American Splatfest event have been calculated, and Team Fantasy has won.

Splatfest results are dictated into three categories: popular votes, solo, and team; Team Fantasy snagged popularity and solo battles with 57 and 51% of the votes respectively, while Team Sci-Fi won the team battles category by 51%. Additionally, the latest Spaltfest marks Marina’s first win since Splatoon 2 launched last July.

Carrying over from the first Splatoon, Splatfest is a unique event that pits players to choose between two teams, typically based on age-old debates, and has players settle the score by voting and fighting for their preferred team. During the event, Ranked Mode and Turf War are disabled and replaced with Splatfest.

Theteams are based on your votes (i.e., 4 Sci-Fi voters vs. 4 Fantasy voters). Previous Splatfests have seen fights between cats and dogs, roller coasters and water slides, cake and ice cream, and even the battle of generation one games, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue.

Currently, news about the next Splatfest has yet to be revealed, however, during the first Splatoon game, its December Splatfest pitted naughty and nice, we can infer that next month’s Spaltfest may be Christmas/Holiday-themed to fit the time of the year.

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