Splatoon 2 Bringing the Undercover Brella into the Fray on December 30

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Each week, the developers of Splatoon 2 have a habit of adding a new weapon to the Nintendo Switch exclusive multiplayer title. Today, the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account revealed the weapon that will be added to the game tomorrow, December 30: the Undercover Brella.

For those playing Splatoon 2 in Japan and Australia, the weapon should become available for players to use at around 11am JST. In concept, the Undercover Brella acts similarly to other Brella weapons in Splatoon 2, with players being able to fire it as a normal weapon and then open it for some extra shielded protection.

What makes the Undercover Brella unique is the fact that it can still be fired when its semi-transparent shield is open at the cost of being less durable than its brella-type counterparts. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of tactics more offensive Splatoon 2 players will create with this weapon. The Undercover Brella’s sub-weapon is the Ink Mine, while its special is Splashdown.

You can check out three screenshots of the Undercover Brella in the original tweet below. Splatoon 2 is currently available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know what DualShockers thinks of the game, you can read our review. Splatoon 2 also recently received an update that brought new balance and bug fixes to the game.

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