Souls-Like JRPG Code Vein Gets New 1080p Screenshots Showing Blood Tears and Characters

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Bandai Namco released a new batch of screenshots of its upcoming Souls-like action JRPG Code Vein, alongside a batch of info.

We get the introduction of Blood Tears, which are very valuable in the world of Code Vein. While their ingredients are unknown, they can satisfy a revenant’s thirst for blood, preventing them from becoming Lost. The first revenant grew plants named “Fountains of Tears” capable of producing the Blood Tears, but most of them withered, and acquiring their fruits is now harder and harder.

The hero has the special ability to regenerate the Fountains of Tears. While the nature of this ability is unknown, by dripping his own blood on the plant, it will become healthy again, and restart to bear fruit.

One of the game’s companion NPCs, Louis, is studying the Blood Tears in order to help the revenants suffering from blood thirst. While his research was greatly slowed down by the fruits becoming increasingly rare, things changed radically when he meets the hero. After witnessing his mysterious ability, he joins him in his exploration journey. Louis has a strong sense of justice that compels him to help the hero. He won’t abandon people in trouble, and also has a lot of battle experience against the Lost. He fights with a quick one-handed sword and an Ogre-type blood veil.

Another buddy is Yakumo Shinonome. He used to be a mercenary, and he has been acting together with Luis after being saved by him from becoming a Lost. After meeting the hero, he is first diffident and unwilling to accept a stranger as a partner, but after getting over it he becomes a very reliable companion, capable of protecting his friends from danger. He is very proficient in close combat using a greatsword and a Hounds-type blood veil.

While revenants only drink blood and don’t need to eat actual meats, Yakumo insists that eating is meaningful, as it shows his commitment to living as a human being. He carries a picture of his companions during his time as a mercenary, but it’s unknown whether they’re alive or dead.

We also get a few tidbits about the Blood Code, which is like a class system, or a set of abilities that can be equipped. They come into broken crystals storing the memories of revenants, and they can be repaired using blood (which is the game’s currency, similar to souls in Dark Souls). Their previous owners aren’t necessarily dead, as some say that it’s possible for living revenants to transmit their memories this way. When the hero touches those crystals, he can also see fragments of those revenants’ memories, and in fact, it happens with Louis, allowing us to glimpse his past.

You can enjoy the screenshots below.  If you want to see and learn more about the game, you can check out some recent screenshots and information, alongside the latest trailer. You should also watch some gameplay recorded by myself at Bandai Namco’s headquarters i Tokyo, and read our interview with Producer Keota Iizuka and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Code Vein will release in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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