Serious Sam 4 Gets Some Great-Looking “Popemobile” Gameplay

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Serious Sam 4 is all about getting as many enemies on the screen as possible and then murdering them. Today, the team at Croteam and Devolver Digital took to the Future Games Show stage to give us a look at Sam fighting in a mech they’re calling the Popemobile. The sheer quantity of enemies continues to impress and, personally, I’m always down for more mechs in games. Give it a look below.

Serious Sam 4 definitely looks to be chasing something different than most modern-day shooters. Instead of meticulously detailed environments, this is all about melting your PC with on-screen characters. So, while that grass might look bad and the buildings aren’t that great, it doesn’t really matter.

Plus, can you really get mad at a game that lets you replicate the end of a Power Rangers episode? I mean, there’s a giant mech facing off against a massive monster. If there’s not a Tommy Oliver reference, I’ll be a little disappointed.

That said, I do wish they’d given us a deeper look at which weapons Sam will have access to in this go-around. Obviously, the mech is great, but I want to know which world-changing armaments I’ll be to waste enemies with. After all, with so many enemies on screen, you’re going to need some serious firepower to deal with them. Hopefully, they have some truly ridiculous weapons.

Serious Sam 4 comes to PC and Stadia on September 24. The game will then hit PS4 and Xbox One at some point in 2021. You have to assume they’ll follow that up with a PS5 and Xbox Series X release.

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