Semispheres Brings its Meditative Gameplay to Nintendo Switch Next Week

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Vivid Helix, an Canadian indie game developer, announced today that it is bringing its “meditative parallel puzzle game” Semispheres to Nintendo Switch next week on September 14.

For those of you who don’t know, Semispheres is an unique puzzle game where players use each analogue stick to control two different avatars within two different environments that look similar at the beginning, but begin to differentiate greatly as the game goes along. Each respective environment can also house portals that let each avatar cross over to each other’s reality, which can lead to some very complex puzzles. Players must also evade sentries in order to get thorough some players and eventually re-synchronize the world.

The game was actually birthed from a Ludum Dare game jam in August of 2014, and the developer spent almost three years working on the title before bringing it to PC and PS4 earlier this year. The game also features a soundtrack from Sid Barnhoorn, who also composed Antichamber and The Stanley Parable’s soundtracks.

Radu Muresan, the Designer of Semispheres, had the following to say about bringing the game to Nintendo Switch:

“With its unique single-player split-screen mechanic, Semispheres challenges your mind by putting you in control of two characters at the same time. With a minimalist art style and a soundtrack by visionary composer Sid Barnhoorn, we are excited to launch Semispheres on the eShop for a new generation of Nintendo Switch players.”

Semispheres is currently available on PC and PS4, and will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on September 14.

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