Rumor: THQ Nordic’s Next Game Looks to Be an Open-World Action RPG Named Biomutant

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I’d really like to play a game that blends furries, action role-playing, kung-fu, and a post-apocalyptic setting, then look no further. A German magazine has seemingly leaked THQ Nordic’s next big project, Biomutant, ahead of Gamescom next week.

While nothing is officially confirmed as of right now, the leaked image comes with a slew of screenshots showing what looks to be the game’s furry protagonist. A humanoid fox or raccoon-looking creature holding a sword that is taller than he or she is. The three screenshots we get show the character swimming, fighting, and what looks like a flying creature.

THQ Nordic said that it will be announcing two new games at Gamescom this week, one of which will be an entirely new IP, the other a well-known series. We should know if Biomutant is real soon enough. DualShockers will definitely be at Gamescom in full force. If you don’t know the convention is running from Tuesday, August 22 until Saturday, August 26. Live shows and events from EA, Xbox, and more will be there. Keynote speakers for the event were also just announced.

The advertisement says Biomutant could be coming in early 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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