Revisit Lordran with Dark Souls: Remastered’s Launch Trailer for Nintendo Switch

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After some delaysDark Souls: Remastered is finally available on-the-go with Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, Nintendo has put together a trailer for the game showing off some of its iconic bosses and locations. You can check it out for yourself down below.

While Dark Souls: Remastered is available on a multitude of other platforms already, this will be the first time newcomers and longtime fans will have access to the game anywhere at any time. If you are one of the newcomers, Dark Souls is the harbinger of the souls-like genre that has stemmed countless clones and interpretations since its original launch back in 2011. Seven years ago… jeez where does the time go? If you asked me whether or not a FromSoftware game would be making its way onto a Nintendo platform a couple of years ago, I would’ve told you that there was no way.

Dark Souls stemmed from Demon’s Souls, which released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 back in 2009. The genre didn’t explode into the gaming space until Dark Souls. Nevertheless, many hardcore fans have been begging for Demon’s Souls to receive some kind of port onto modern consoles. I personally like to think it’s the next game that Bluepoint Games is working on.

As previously mentioned, Dark Souls: Remastered is available today digitally or physically on the Nintendo Switch.

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