ReCore Twitter Account Teases Announcement for August 20

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Earlier today, the official Twitter account of the Xbox One and PC title ReCore teased that an announcement regarding the future of the game will take place in a few short days on August 20.

Of course, this leads us to ask, “Just what could this reveal be?” Well, one of the more obvious guesses would be the announcement of a Definitive Edition of ReCore which received a rating from PEGI just a few weeks back. As we previously reported, this PEGI rating was the second time that ReCore Definitive Edition had been rated with it first popping up on The German USK.

If this Definitive Edition doesn’t come to fruition however — even though it seems quite likely — ReCore will most likely receive the fifth bot character that has been promised since 2016. When ReCore originally released last year, there were only four bots available for play despite the game showing that a fifth spot had been reserved. This new bot, which is a tank, was meant to arrive earlier this year but the ReCore team went quiet about the add-on and the new bot never arrived.

Judging by the new image that was included in today’s tweet, it seems that ReCore will finally be getting this fifth bot in the near future. Additionally, a new area for the game was also previously promised to be added to the game, but like the tank bot, was never released. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see both this new area and new bot finally get released — but it would be a sigh of relief.

While the reveal that will take place this Sunday — ahead of Gamescom no less — most likely won’t be a huge surprise, it’s nice to see that ReCore continues to receive support almost a year after release. We will keep you updated on the future of ReCore when this announcement is made this weekend.

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