RAID: World War II Finally Launches on PC; Hitting PS4 and Xbox One Next Month

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Lion Game Lion and Starbreeze Publishing released their new World War II-centric four-player co-op shooter RAID: World War II today on PC. At the same time, they confirmed that the game will be launching next month on PS4 and Xbox One. In North America, the console versions will release on October 10, while those in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia will have to wait until the game launches in those regions on October 13.

For those of you who don’t know, RAID: World War II takes some inspiration from Overkill’s Payday series, with the game’s Director, Ilija Petrusic, even having been a C0-Founder and Lead Level Designer at Overkill. The game focuses on four POW’s who are freed by a mysterious British officer and tasked with taking down Hitler and ending the war.

On the gameplay side of things, players must choose from one of four special classes: Recon, Assault, Insurgent or Demolition. As is the case with most class-based game, each class of characters has their own skill tree and brings something unique to the table to give players the edge in battle. Each class also has its own War Cry, which can boost the entire team. Customization-wise, RAID: World War II gives players access to a variety of different customizable uniforms, weapons, and skills.

The game’s most highlighted mode is Operations, which tasks players with surviving through a chain of modified raids; this mode even features some of its own storylines and objectives. By completing these Operations, players can get Challenge Cards give players the ability to customize some parts of each raid. These raid customization options include being able to increase ammo drops at the cost of taking more damage from enemies.

Those who are planning on purchasing the game have two options. The Standard Edition, which is priced at $39.99, comes with the base game; meanwhile, RAID: World War II Special Edition, which comes in at $64.99, includes the base game, DLC such as the Apple Red Kübelwagen car, a decorative bomb, special melee weapons, and jackets, four RAID: World War II wallpapers, the game’s soundtrack, and a comic book based of the game in PDF form. Those who own Payday 2 on Steam will get a 10% discount on both versions for a limited time after launch.

You can check out a previously released gameplay trailer below to get a feel for the game in action. RAID: World War II is now available on PC, and will release on PS4 and Xbox One on October 10 in North America, and on October 13 in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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