Puzzle Box Maker Developer Asks Players to Choose Game’s Switch Icon

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Developer Bplus Games took to Twitter to announce that they’d be allowing Switch owners the chance to choose the menu icon that’ll appear for the Switch version of their game Puzzle Box Maker. 

I for one am torn between options three and four. Option three w0uld add a lot of color to my long list of Switch games that are viewable on the home screen, while option four is a bit more simplistic and clean looking. As of right now it seems like option two is the most requested. If you disagree be sure to get your votes in as soon as possible.

The original Puzzle Box on Steam was a game about dropping the correctly colored boxes in certain spots to build an image. You can create your own levels and download unique levels from other users as well. The Switch version of the game will include cooperative multiplayer as well as some features that’ll take advantage of the Joy-con.

Speaking of indie games on Nintendo Switch, developers and publishers have recently been championing the growing indie market sales potential on the platform.

Puzzle Box Maker will be coming to the Switch sometime before the end of the year, so keep your eyes on the Nintendo eShop. You can check out some gameplay on the Nintendo Switch below, courtesy of YouTuber TiLMENDOMiNATiON.

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