Psyonix Announces Rocket League’s Season 5 Rewards Along with Changes Coming to Season 6

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Ahead of the end of Season 5 of Rocket League’s competitive play, Psyonix announced today what the rewards would be for those who place while also revealing some changes that will be coming with the start of Season 6.

Psyonix revealed that the prizes this time around for Season 5 would come in the form of a new customization item called Player Banners. These Banners will be seen in many different areas of Rocket League which include the main menu and even during goal replays. The Banners — which you can see images of at the bottom of the page — will be rewarded to players in the following manner:

  • Bronze I or higher – Season 5 Bronze Player Banner

  • Silver I or higher – Season 5 Silver Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Gold I or higher – Season 5 Gold Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Platinum I or higher – Season 5 Platinum Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Diamond I or higher – Season 5 Diamond Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Champion – Season 5 Champion Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Grand Champion – ‘Season 5 Grand Champion’ in-game Title + Grand Champion Player Banner + lower Banners

As for the beginning of Season 6, Psyonix gave the following details about what Rocket League players can expect to see change:

To kick off the new season, we are running a soft reset on all accounts that have previously placed in any Competitive Playlist. This means every player will need to complete a set of ten placement matches per Playlist, similar to when you play in a Competitive Playlist for the first time. This soft reset will help calibrate the entire player population for the new season, which will end in early 2018.

While some might be upset at first to see a reset of this manner, Psyonix clearly believes that it’s what’s best for the future of Rocket League. And besides, if you’re an elite Rocket League player already, then it shouldn’t take long for you to find your way back to the top.

The rewards for Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6 will both begin once the Autumn Update for Rocket League rolls out. As for when that patch will release, it’s yet to be determined but we’ll let you know when it is once the date is announced.

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