PS4 Sold More Units than Ever on Black Friday According to PlayStation Network Boss

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Today CNBC had a brief segment in which Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President and Head of PlayStation Network Eric Lempel discussed what he called the “biggest Black Friday of PlayStation History” for PS4.

According to Lempel, Sony sold more console than it ever had in its 22 year-long history on Black Friday. He also mentioned that going into the current generation, many were counting out the console business, but PlayStation 4 is “thriving” with Sony Corporation having just reported their earnings with profit up 346%, and the majority of that was fueled by the PlayStation business.

Sony is having a “great year” and the console business “is doing great” after introducing mid-cycle innovation last year with PS4 Pro.

Lempel also talked about virtual reality, mentioning that PlayStation VR is “definitely not an accessory,” with Sony seeing it as something “entirely new,” that “consumers absolutely love.” Lempel believes that Sony is just “scratching the surface” with it.

You can check out the video below. Even in the UK the PS4 had its most successful Black Friday week ever, excluding 2013, in which the Black Friday week coincided with the launch of the console in the country, and that’s probably quite difficult to top, even for PS4.

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