PS Vita Exclusive Tokyo Clanpool Gets New Trailer Introducing Systems and Features

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Compile Heart released a new trailer for their dungeon-crawling RPG Tokyo Clanpool, coming to PlayStation Vita on October 5 in Japan.

The new trailer shows off the the “Digiskin Setup” system where party member will transform in a magical girl-life fashion into different outfits while gaining special skills.

Additionally, the trailer shows how players will be able to spend special “Ether Points” in battle. The skill’s power level will depend on the enemy’s elemental weaknesses. Furthermore, these multi-target attacks have the power to wipe out groups of enemies.

The girls will also be able to buff up their fellow party member with defences and higher tolerance to elemental attacks. There are multiple Digiskin Setup outfits that players will obtain throughout the game’s story. By equipping an outfit, the character’s skill set and appearance will also change.

Players will also be able to synchronize with a “Gadgeteer” that they have equipped. Gadgeteers hold special skills that become stronger over time. When synchronizing, players will enter “Holy Manifestation Mode”, which increases the character’s stats as well as powers up their Gadgeteer.

Recently, the developer released a new trailer showing another system in the game called “Ether Sensitivity” that includes the usage of the Vita’s touch screen. Also, the opening movie was released introducing the cast of characters.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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