Pokemon Go Grandpa Has Evolved to Using 21 Mobile Phones to Try and Catch ’Em All

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Anyone that plays Pokemon Go on their phone knows it’s difficult enough keeping up with one or two accounts as they are out and about making their way to the next gym or raid – but how do you think you would handle trying to keep up with a whopping 21 phones AND riding a bike? Last year, 70-year-old Chen San-yuan made the news headlines due to the 11 phones he carries around Taiwan on his trusty bicycle but it seems as though Chen has now decided to level up to double the accounts he had before.

The real-life Pokemon master’s love for Pokemon Go started in 2016 thanks to his grandson and now Chen uses this activity to keep his mind and body active – 21 accounts and a bike will certainly do that! Chen has his phones attached to the front of his handlebars – stopping once in a while to frantically tap them all up like he’s playing a huge orchestral organ in a church. Twitter user SCMcrocodile captured Chen in a video clip playing Pokemon Go with all his 21 phones as he stopped at the side of the road. Even though the video shows 21 smartphones, it just so happens that Chen has an additional two stashed inside the front of his bike hidden in the basket.

However, only 20 people can enter into a single raid at a time so Chen, unfortunately, can’t use all his phones at once but it really doesn’t matter as the elderly gentleman seems to be having a wonderful time. I just wonder how he can see over the handlebars and doesn’t end up in an accident, but I’m guessing this 70-year-old has more sense than people half his age.

If you’re a player of Pokemon Go, you may be interested to learn that developer Niantic has provided a new update where Dialga will be the next Legendary Pokemon that players can take on in the game this month, starting at 1 pm PT on March 1 and ending at the same time on March 28.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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