Photo Kano/Reco Love’s Team Dingo is Back with New PS4 Game from Kadokawa Games

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Fans of the latest games by Ichiro Sugiyama and Japanese studio Dingo, like the latest Photo Kano and Reco Love, felt lost when the studio declared bankruptcy back in March. Yet publisher Kadokawa Games was quick to reassure gamers that not all hope was lost.

Today we get confirmation, via the usual leaked copies of the Weekly Famitsu magazine, that Sugiyama-san is back. Alongside a large part of the former Dingo staff, he is working under the Kadokawa Games umbrella on a new game.

The game doesn’t have an official title yet, but it will be set in a private high school with characters modeled in 3D. The theme is again focused on photography and filming, with the usual free sessions included. True to Dingo’s legacy, it’ll be a romance simulation game for PS4.

Nothing else is known for now, but it’s good to see that Sugiyama-san and his team are back.

Even better, since the game will be published by Kadokawa Games, which normally tries to bring everything it produces to the west, we might actually get to play this one in English.

Keep in mind that the picture above is from Reco Love. There are no images of the new game available just yet.

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