Phantom Trigger will Feature Local Co-Op on Nintendo Switch

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Bread Team and tinyBuild games released 60 FPS gameplay footage of Phantom Trigger on Nintendo Switch earlier today, and have followed up that gameplay video by announcing on Twitter that Phantom Trigger will support local co-op on Nintendo Switch.

The tweet specifically mentions using the Switch’s Joy-Cons for co-op, and showcases six seconds of co-op gameplay across some of the game’s different environments. While Phantom Trigger is confirmed for PC and other consoles, there is no word on if local co-op will be a Switch exclusive feature, or if it will be present in other versions of the game.

Local co-op is definitely a great game feature to be touting alongside the Switch version, as the console already comes with two of the aforementioned Joy-Cons, making it easy to play a game like this with a friend anywhere due to the system’s portability. One thing that isn’t clear is if the second player will be controlling a brand new character, or if it is just another version of Stan, the game’s protaginist who journeys through “surreal and twisted worlds.” That question will most likely be answered before the game is released, although Phantom Trigger does not yet have a firm release date for PC or Switch.

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