Phantom Trigger Gets New 60 FPS Gameplay Footage on Switch

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Today, Washington-based publisher tinyBuild Games and two-man studio Bread Team — who you may recognize from Divide by Sheep — released a new video for their hardcore neon slasher with RPG and roguelike elements: Phantom Trigger. But not just any ol’ trailer, a trailer showcasing the game running on the Switch — at a silky 60 FPS — for the first time.

Announced back in March of this year, Phantom Trigger is a bit scanty at the moment with details. What we do know is that in the game you play as Stan, and follow his journey through “surreal and twisted worlds.” The game boasts handcrafted story-driven levels mixed with roguelike-sryle dungeons, a “deep combat system” that is all about unlocking combos and upgrading weapons, and a branching story with multiple endings. Personally, one of the first things I noticed about the game is that it has some pretty serious Hyper Light Drifter vibes.

Phantom Trigger is said to be releasing sometime this summer (“soon”) on both PC and Switch. The game is also listed for consoles, but beyond this no further specifics are provided. Lastly, a price-point has not been divulged at the moment of writing this either.

Below, you can check out the new, aforementioned video:

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