Persona Dancing Triple Pack Includes Persona 4 Dancing All Night for PS4; Songs and Artwork Revealed

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Persona 4 Dancing All Night was released only for PS Vita, but looks like PS4 users are finally going to get their chance. During a livestream dedicated to the Persona 5 anime, Atlus revealed more information about Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night, including an unexpected treat.

Two different special editions for the two games were revealed for Japan.

PS Vita will get the Persona Dancing Deluxe Twin Plus, which includes both games in a special package designed by Shigenori Soejima, the full soundtrack (four CDs with sixty songs), and a large batch of DLC costumes. It will cost 15,780 yen plus taxes.

The PS4 limited edition, named Persona Dancing All-Star Triple Pack is the one with the special treat and will include both games, the special package, the soundtrack, and a PS4 version of Persona 4 Dancing All Night. It will cost 16,880 yen plus taxes. At the moment we don’t know what kind of work will be done on the PS4 port of the game, just that it exists. It’s also unknown whether it’ll ever be sold separately.

We also get the track list for the games form the official site:

On top of that, a nice batch of official artwork and character models was released. You can see it below alongside the official key art for both games, and a look at the special editions.

If you want to see more, you can check out the new trailer for Persona 5 Dancing Star Night, and the video released for Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night. We also have the first trailers that launched with the initial announcement in August, and the first 1080p screenshots.

Both games will release at the same day in Japan on May 24, 2018. A western release has not been announced as of now.

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