Outer Wilds VR Mod with Motion Controls Looks Incredible

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Outer Wilds is among the best games of 2019. Mobius Digital’s time-bending tale is a must-play if only to see that stellar ending. However, a new fan project is aiming to bring the game into a brand new dimension. NomaiVR is a fan mod that lets you step into the shoes of a Hearthian and explore the galaxy in virtual reality. It’s still in a very early state but is currently playable. Of course, there are many features that slowly being adding, including motion controls. What is there now looks awfully promising though.

NomaiVR (Outer Wilds VR mod) – motion controls test from virtualreality

Being able to completely immerse yourself in Outer Wilds looks awesome. The gameplay in Outer Wilds is already relatively simple (if a bit fiddly), so it should translate pretty well to VR. Plus, can you imagine seeing the ground fall out from under you on Brittle Hollow? Or how weird it will be to fall through the sand on the Hourglass Twins? There are several opportunities for some jaw-dropping (and vomit-inducing) experiences with this VR project. I can’t wait to try it out once it becomes more stable.

Again, NomaiVR is playable, but note that it is very early in development. Don’t go in expecting a polished experience just yet. However, if you’re interested in either trying it out or even helping with development, the creator has a post up on Nexusmods for you to download.

Outer Wilds is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you want to try out NomaiVR in its early stages, go to Nexusmods.

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