Opinion – Grand Theft Auto 6 Could be the Last GTA title

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A lot is riding on Rockstar Games and GTA 6. 

A couple of weeks ago, I reported several details on my YouTube channel about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 with one of the major details including that the game is to feature an ever-evolving map that will change over time.

I described the map changes to how Fortnite does some of their own in-game events, but after pondering on the details more, I think it could be setting up GTA 6 to be the last Grand Theft Auto title in the series. It seems crazy to think that one of the world’s most successful gaming franchises could end but, as the saying goes, all things must come to an end. 

Throughout the last two weeks, I’ve had time to think about the future of the GTA franchise and after giving it thought, I do genuinely believe that GTA 6 could be the last in the franchise. If the rumours do become true, we will not be seeing the next instalment until 2024 at the earliest, which will be a massive 11-year gap since the release of GTA 5.

But why the big wait? Well, to put it simply, Rockstar Games does not need to release a new GTA title in the foreseeable future.  

The Success of GTA Online 

GTA has proven to be a massive success especially so with the online experience still raking in hundreds of millions of dollars per year thanks to microtransactions. In fact, just several months ago, GTA Online had its highest monthly digital earnings yet thanks to the Cayo Perico Heist.

Not only was the Cayo Perino Heist a success but Take-Two continues to report revenue growth due, in part, to GTA Online. In hindsight, it is safe to say that there will be a heavy focus on a GTA 6‘s online experience once the title does indeed release.  

It is unclear how exactly Rockstar Games will make GTA 6 a bigger success than five, but its evolving map will likely keep players interested in the title years after its initial release. Not only will a changing map give players something new and exciting to see every so often, but it gives Rockstar Games the opportunity to be more creative with the game’s story. Now I am theorizing here, but the opportunity for Rockstar to give us somewhat of a single-player story experience, but online, definitely piques my interest. 

High Expectations for GTA 6

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto is the most highly anticipated video game ever, and that’s without Rockstar or Take-Two even acknowledging it is in development. It’s evident that Rockstar Games employees must be feeling the pressure and with the likes of Dan Houser stepping down as Vice President and leaving the company, it’s not hard to see why.

The game is in such an unusual position because although it will very likely break sales records, it is still going to cause immense stress for the development team, which is something Rockstar is trying to avoid. 

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Several reports over the past year or so have stated that Rockstar is working on employee wellbeing, which likely follows the massive controversy that surrounded Red Dead Redemption 2 and their ridiculous crunch hours. 

It’s possible that Rockstar wants to move away from releasing massive premium titles and instead focus on the live service element, which once again has been proven to be a success with GTA Online.

It’s unclear whether the game will be an outstanding success, but the recent rumours caused the community to go in an uproar, with memes and complaints trending online with people wondering why we’re waiting so long for the release. Not only have the stakes have never been higher for Rockstar, but the recent drama could be a small indication for Rockstar to pull the plug so to speak on massive premium titles. 

Rockstar seems to be making GTA 6 the most epic future-proof video game in history, with constant updates that not only give the fans new content but keeps the world new and interesting by evolving. GTA 5 and GTA Online are still massive success stories, with the fifth instalment still getting several million premium sales per month, and to be honest, it feels like Rockstar could still ride the GTA Online bandwagon for another decade if they chose to do so.

My comparison to Fortnite might have thrown people off, but an evolving world that will keep players engaged is the ultimate future-proofing that Grand Theft Auto needs.

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