OpenAI Defeats Pro Dota 2 Team Twice in OpenAI Five Finals

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This weekend, the OpenAI Five took down OG in a Dota 2 best of three series, winning two games straight against the defending The International (TI) 8 champions. The matchup was hard-hitting and fast-paced, as the OpenAI pushed quickly and found plenty of opportunities to steamroll OG players.

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research company that seeks to improve friendly AI in ways that “benefits all of humanity”. OpenAI Five is a team of OpenAI-curated bots that compete in normal five-on-five Dota 2. The bots were first unveiled at TI 7 in 2017 in a 1v1 match against a top Dota 2 pro. At TI 8, the five bots faced a team of five pros and lost both games played. However, the OpenAI Five showed this weekend that they were learning.

The OpenAI Five has faced four different pro teams since TI 8 and have won each three-game series 2-0. That dominance is very impressive, considering the bot’s performance at TI 8. That said, the wins do come with a few big caveats.

The hero pool for these OpenAI games is severely limited. The players and bots are limited to only 17 heroes. That means the pro players can’t always properly counter-pick AI choices, which gives the AI an advantage. It also could hamper certain pro players if those 17 heroes aren’t in their normal hero pool.

The other thing to remember is that the pros only get two games against the bots. If given more time, it’s likely they could find ways to exploit the AI and beat them more consistently. OG’s NOtail was interviewed after the matches and thought the team had a great shot in game one and would beat the AI with another few games.

Players will have plenty of chances of test themselves against OpenAI in the future. The OpenAI team announced that starting April 18th, players will be able to play against the OpenAI Five themselves. You’ll also have an opportunity to play with OpenAI in a new, cooperative mode that places AI members on your team.

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