Oneechanbara Origin Gets a Trailer Retracing the Series’ History, Live Gameplay

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D3 Publisher recently published a new trailer for Oneechanbara Origin. The trailer is really funny, assuming you understand Japanese, as it retraces the series with some self-mockery and tongue-in-cheekiness, something typical for D3 Publisher. The Oneechanbara series has been going for 15 years now, and it hasn’t changed one bit, except for the fact that it’s on a higher budget now.

Back when it started in 2004, Oneechanbara was initially part of D3 Publisher’s “Simple” series, which includes tons of low budget low priced games based on a simple concept. And in the case of Oneechanbara, the concept was “cute girls in bikinis killing zombies”. In this new trailer, included further below, protagonists Aya and Saki references this, how the character designs changed over the years, and even jokes about how the plot changed, as Oneechanbara Origin is a reboot remaking the first two games in the series. They also do various jokes like how the characters’ seiyuu changed over time.

We also got to see live gameplay for the game on this week’s Famitsu Live stream. Famitsu Live airs every Thursday and most notably features Honoka Kuroki playing the games. Kuroki also voiced Ruise in Seiren. I’m still waiting for a second season of the anime or a game. Anyway, you can watch the gameplay at the timestamp included below.

These past few weeks, multiple other trailers for Oneechanbara Origin were published as well. They’re also included below.

Oneechanbara Origin releasing as a PS4 exclusive, and without being toned down compared to past games, also shows many sexual fanservice focusing games are still releasing fine on Sony’s console despite the policy change thing I probably don’t need to explain anymore. As I’ve always said multiple times in the past when it comes to these games and this situation, it’s true certain games are getting censored this way to a certain extent. However, it’s not systemical, pretty random, and not that a huge occurrence unlike what some would like you to think. There’s no “waifu genocide” nonsense happening. And I’m still convinced D3 Publisher could have released Omega Labyrinth Life on PS4 without altering it that much and did it on purpose as a self-censoring marketing trick.  Speaking of which, Omega Labyrinth Life is also coming to Steam now on December 10, but I don’t have the time nor the pay to make this into its own article.

In any case, Oneechanbara Origin seems to have a lot of different appealing things to do besides its fanservice and I’m genuinely looking forward to it. And you have Enami Katsumi’s designs, and just like we saw with the Star Ocean 1 Remake, he’s really good at remaking older character designs without losing their charm. Recently, certain remakes have some really boring character designs styles compared to the originals, like Langrisser I & II, so I’m happy it’s not the case here.

We’ve translated the story and character details of the game in a previous article.

Oneechanbara Origin will be launching on December 5 in Japan, exclusively on PS4. The game is 13% off on the PSN until December 4. Oneechanbara Origin was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2018. Producer Nobuyuki Okajima already confirmed in an interview with DualShockers it’ll release in the west.

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