Nintendo Switch Exclusive Super Mario Odyssey Jumps Towards Release With Two CAPtivating Trailers

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Nintendo is in the final rush to the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which is bound to propel the Switch to new heights, and today they released two new trailers.

At least, that’s what they call them since the thirty-second format is definitely more similar to TV commercials, but since Nintendo says “trailers,” I’ll stick to that definition.

In any case, one trailer is more of a generic (and very quick) overview of the game, with as much jumping as you can humanly take in thirty seconds, while the second focuses on Mario new friend, Cappy. We get to see how Cappy can help the former plumber capture enemies and beat bosses by turning their own weapons against them.

As usual, both trailers are as colorful and crisp as you can imagine from a Nintendo first party game.

You can check the videos out below. If you want to see more of the game, you can watch some couch co-op gameplay from the weekendanother recent clip, more footage from the day beforea recent overview trailer, and a gallery of screenshots.

Of course, you should also give good look to our hands-on preview of the game.

Super Mario Odyssey will hit the shelves worldwide exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 27th, 2017.

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