Nintendo Introduces New Game Voucher Program to Help Cut Cost of Digital Purchases

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At the tail end of today’s Nintendo Direct focused on solely Super Mario Maker 2, a new method of purchasing digital games was introduced for those who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo announced the new Game Voucher program which essentially allows you to purchase two games for a collectively cheaper value. For $99.99, you’ll be able to purchase a pair of these Game Vouchers which you can then redeem to acquire two games. So basically, if you’re wanting to buy two games at their full, standard price of $59.99, you won’t have to then pay $120 in total but instead just $100. The vouchers are good for one full year from the date you purchase them and both don’t have to be used at the same time.

Personally speaking, I buy all of my games for Switch digitally so I kind of love that Nintendo is doing this. While you will have to end up committing to purchasing two games, which is how Nintendo is likely making money in the first place, it’s still a cool way to save a couple of bucks assuming you’re looking to pick up multiple titles at some point. It’s also just another added benefit to subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online, which makes the service a bit more valuable than it is at the moment.

Below you can check out a video from Nintendo going over the new Game Voucher offering in further detail. If you’d like to read more about Nintendo Switch Online, you can head over to Nintendo’s website.

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