Nintendo Direct Stream Ban – Is Nintendo Really Banning Live Reaction and Streaming?

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On June 15, Nintendo, through its Japanese Twitter account, made a surprising statement ahead of the Nintendo Direct E3 2021, asking streamers to not live restream the showcase, basically putting in place a stream ban. What happened?

First, You should realize that the announcement was only shared in Japan and should normally not concern video content creators outside Japan. Moreover, the announcement explains that you can stream while watching the Nintendo Direct. But only as long as your livestream doesn’t include a restream of the Nintendo Direct footage. Lastly, you’ll be able to publish anything you want when the Direct has ended.

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Update: Twitch stated it won’t stream the Nintendo Direct from its Twitchgaming channel

The Nintendo Direct will still be broadcast on twitch on the Nintendo channel.

Nintendo Direct E3 2021 – Is Nintendo really banning live reaction and streaming?

I translated the tweet below:

Nintendo Japan: [Request] Please refrain from restreaming the Nintendo Direct video or audio during the live. You can stream yourself while watching the Nintendo Direct, without restreaming it. When the Nintendo Direct ends, as long as it’s within our global guidelines, you will be free to publish videos that include footage of the Nintendo Direct.

Right now, Nintendo only made this announcement in Japan, and there is no reason to believe the same will happen outside Japan. There is no reason to be alarmed, just keep on keeping on and make your Kontent and reaction streams for the Direct. Things will be different however, if Nintendo of America makes a similar tweet in a few hours.

Stream ban – Why is Nintendo preventing streamers in Japan from livestreaming the E3 2021 Direct?

Personally speaking, I’d say there isn’t a particular reason and it’s just Japanese companies doing Japanese companies things. You might not know about it, but nowadays each studio or even each game has its own specific streaming guidelines in Japan.

For example, Rune Factory 5, one of the biggest contenders for GOTY 2021 in Japan and GOTY 2022 in the West, has its own streaming guidelines in Japan. It asks streamers to only stream the latest patched version of the game, and to mark their videos as spoilers if they stream past a certain dungeon or stream wedding scenes.

Sometimes, streaming a game is prohibited in itself, just like with Kanda Alice mo Suiri Suru, another GOTY 2021 contender. Sometimes it’s allowed as long as you properly mention in your video’s title whether it contains spoilers or not. Lastly, restrictions on streaming are often lifted after a certain amount of time has passed after release. Just like what happened with Wing of Darkness, yet another GOTY contender. Anyways, it’s a case by case thing.

Moreover, with the advent of streaming platform Mildom in Japan, and the VTuber boom, more and more companies allow streamers to monetize their videos. This is the case for all games of the Dragon Quest series for example. Square Enix made an announcement about it a few months ago. It made huge waves in japan but went completely unnoticed outside. Certain VTuber companies like Hololive or Nijisansji also have specific contracts with companies to allow them to stream certain games.

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