NHL 21 March 2021 Update – What’s New in the 1.5 Patch Notes?

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EA consistently releases new entries in its sports franchises every single year. They then spend the following year updating and patching their release while working on next year’s title. Earlier this week, we saw the final franchise update to Madden 21 and now we’re seeing an NHL 21 update as well. Unlike the rather beefy Madden 21 franchise update, the notes for the NHL21 update are pretty brief. Here are the patch notes in full:

World of CHEL

– added additional content in WoC for upcoming Chel Challenges


The following uniforms have been added or updated in NHL 21.

– Washington Capitals Alternate

– Oshawa Generals Alternate

– Chicoutimi Sagueneens Alternate

– Prince George Cougars Alternate

Clearly, the 1.5.0 patch isn’t particularly big and is mainly focused on cosmetics, but just about any update is welcome. That said, its small size is something to be somewhat expected. As development ramps up for the next title, NHL 22NHL 21 updates and patches will be smaller and less frequent.

NHL 21 was recently announced to be coming to EA Play as well as Xbox Game Pass. Along with other sports titles such as Madden 21Football Manager 21, and NBA 2k21NHL 21 will launch on the platform in April. The other sports titles will be going up on different days in March.

You can find DualShockers‘ review of NHL 21 right here. In his review, Michael Ruiz said that NHL 21 is, “another great entry in the long-running franchise, but it’s just not all that different from last year.”

For more on EA Sports, check out this article that details the most recent EA-loot box controversy. Another class-action lawsuit was filed against EA back in November of 2020 over its “predatory loot boxes and microtransactions,” some of which can be found in NHL 21.

You can find any and all of our NHL 21 coverage right here on DualShockers.

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