Next Steam Update Will Allow Publishers to Send Games Directly to Curators

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Valve has announced that the next curator update for Steam will provide new capabilities for Curators, players, and game developers.

According to the blog post, the next update will allow players to see their Curators’ recommendations while reading through tags and genre sections. For example, if you are searching for a new game in the “first-person shooter” genre, you’ll be able to read through your favorite Curators’ game reviews on the webpage. Additionally, video embeds will also be introduced, which will allow shoppers to watch Curators’ videos as they read through their game recommendations.

Curators will also be able to form specific lists to help recommend particular genres to players; meaning if a Curator wants to recommend games that are perfect for those who stream on websites such as Twitch, they can create and curate a list on their page. On top of that, the new update will offer Curators more freedom to customize their pages as well as examine statistical data showing whether their feedback has been helpful to consumers.

Lastly, a Curator Connect feature will be added to Steam. The feature will allow developers to directly send press copies over to those interested in reviewing their games on Steam; Curators will have the option to accept or deny any requests sent to them as well.

Currently, Valve says it’s hosting a closed beta with a several different Steam Curators. Despite no specific information on when the update will be available, Valve says it’s planning to release the update later this fall.

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