Nexon’s Dinosaur-Fueled MMO Durango: Wild Lands Launches Today on Mobile

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While mobile MMOs don’t normally pique my interest, Durango: Wild Lands from Lawbreakers publisher Nexon and What! Studio piqued my interest with its prehistoric setting. After soft launches in 2018, the pair have finally released Durango: Wild Lands for iOS and Android worldwide today. You can see the game in action yourself with the trailer below.

That trailer highlights both the premise and gameplay of Durango: Wild Lands. Players are sent to prehistoric times via a “spacetime distortion” and must survive in a world dominated by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Still, some real world resources have bleed their way over into the game. Durango: Wild Lands also features the town building loop many have expected to be in mobile games, with players working together to grow a small grouping of tents to a settlement that spans a portion of the world controlled by their respective clan. The game will even be getting PvP soon so players can face off to expand their control.

Durango: Wild Lands world is supposedly much bigger and more diverse than the typical mobile MMO, which could potentially help the game retain players and find success. Tommy Lee, General Manager of Nexon, seems very confident in the project, saying “What! Studio has raised the bar for persistent open-world mobile games and we can’t wait to see how players work together and tame this massive, diverse and dangerous land of dinosaurs.”

Below, you can check some screenshots for the game. Durango: Wild Lands is available now on both iOS and Android.

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