New Raiders of the Broken Planet Character Mikah Revealed in an Action-Packed Trailer

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Today, MercurySteam released another trailer for its 4v1 third-person shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet that highlights Mikah, a playable Raider that is already available for Founder’s Pack players, and will be coming soon to others.

Mikah has a unique decoy ability that allows her to create a fake version of herself, which can help players ambush enemies. While the makes her a great Raider, it can also make her a scary Antagonist to take on. As I briefly mentioned before, anyone who owns the Raiders of the Broken Planet Founders Pack already has access to her; meanwhile, others will have to wait ten more days and buy the Alien Myths campaign to play as her.

Raiders of the Broken Planet has a unique release schedule. While the game’s Prologue and Alien Myths released on September 22, three more campaigns are going to be added to the game this year at “regular intervals”. The titles of these campaigns are Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal, and Council’s Apocalypse. They contain parallel stories that each have their own new characters, so players are able to start at any time and not be lost in a convoluted plot, as the campaigns can be played in any order. These new campaigns (and Alien Myths) will be $9.99.

You can check out Mikah’s gameplay trailer below. Raiders of the Broken Planet – Prologue and Alien Myths are now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with future episodes releasing in the coming months.

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